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[ action; locked to hohenheim & trisha ]
[ It was a strange transition from where she had been to where she was. ...At least, it probably had been. Upon waking, Trisha hadn’t felt scared or worried, though she’d been confused. There’d only been the smallest instant of adrenaline, when she’d looked around - but no, there. Hohenheim was there, within sight, so she’d just let out a breath of relief and stood up, looking around once again as she headed over towards him. Nothing in sight, except a book - she picked that up, too, from sheer habit of tidying up - and a great many trees.

No, not true. There...she thought she could see buildings in that direction. Had there been buildings in this place, before? She admittedly hadn’t explored the afterlife much, instead choosing to wait, but...Surely she would have noticed that.

Putting aside that minor confusion, Trisha knelt down beside Hohenheim, touching his shoulder. ]
Dear? Dear, wake up.

[ action; open to all ]
[ After having sorted out their new location - or at least having sorted out that they were, in fact, in a new location and were considerably more alive than they had been previously - Hohenheim and Trisha can be found wandering around the village together, exploring just as much as they’re walking aimlessly, enjoying the nice weather and the novelty of being in the same place at the same time. Trisha’s a bit more focused on necessary things such as clothing more substantial than a white dress and the white pants Hohenheim is sporting and some sort of place to stay and things to eat, whereas her counterpart might be more interested in things that look fascinating, such as displays of powers or creatures he’s not familiar with..

They don’t seem particularly upset or worried, for all that they’re clearly new. Instead, the Elric parents seem to be more or less okay with the situation, albeit collectively in the dark about what’s going on. Find them anywhere in the village, from the bakery or seventh heaven getting something to eat, to the fountain, where they might take their lunch together, to the clothing shop, where Trisha sorts through choices with single-minded efficiency, locating clothes in their sizes and handing Hohenheim his. Approach either Trisha or Hohenheim or the two of them together, though they probably won’t wander off too far from one another - or at least Trisha will keep Hohenheim in sight. ]

[ voice post; evening ]
[Once they’ve settled into their new house that evening, Hohenheim devotes some time to giving this journal a proper examination while seated at a desk in what will function as his study. It probably takes him longer than it should to figure out how to get the voice function going. But there’s a light excitement in his voice as he calls Trisha in.]

Hey, Trisha! I think I’ve got it working. So this is how people communicate in this world.

[ There’s the sound of footsteps, and Trisha comes to lean over Hohenheim’s shoulder, drying off her hands with a towel. Dropped into a new world where she was alive, Trisha apparently felt the need to clean. Or rather cleaning was a thing that had to be done, and she was practical like that? One of the two. ] Oh? So it’s some sort of...alchemical book?

[ How do you communicate with a book, dear. ]

[Hohenheim answers with a soft chuckle.]

It seems like something beyond even alchemy, Trisha.

[ Then she’s not going to worry about the details. ] In that case...if you’ve got it working, rather than speaking about it, I suppose we should say hello. This is the part where you introduce yourself, dear.

Hm? Oh, I suppose that I should. [He goes on with a bit of sheepishness.] My name is... well, people call me Hohenheim. ...Greetings.

And I’m Trisha Elric. [ There. Now instead of two random voices on the network, they’re two random voices with names! Improvement. ] ...And I think that’ll do it for now. Why don’t we see if you get anyone to communicate with, then? [ She’ll field calls, too, least he’s clearly excited about this book thing. Replies will come from both Hohenheim and Trisha, probably in separate chains but they may or may not threadjack if needed. ]
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action; bakeryyyyy lol

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[Someone is already in that bakery, arguing with someone over the counter. She's a bit loud and hard to ignore, sorry.]

No, I told you three times already! It's with a 'Z'! This is for someone's birthday and I can't just show up with the wrong letter on these! How would you feel if your birthday cookies spelled your name wrong?
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action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim

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[Whoaaa calm down there it could be Aang behind the counter.

Hohenheim's a bid fidgety - this bakery isn't really this kind of place. And he glances between the two women as they start to talk. And then he looks towards Trisha curiously.]

Is it really so simple? [This is the area where she's the expert, after all.]
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Re: action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim

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[These are special birthday cookies okay SORRY AANG IF YOU'RE THERE.

Kushina looks over her shoulder in surprise, back to the counter, and then rubs the back of her neck.]

Yeah, they're easy to fix if it's frosting. [Which means it isn't frosting. She turns to bow her head at the couple.]

I'm sorry. I'm holding up the line. My friend is just having a hard time and I thought...maybe some cookies with her name on it would be a good thing to cheer her up, ya know?
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action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim

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If you say so. [He says, nervously rubbing at his head.] It's like a foreign language to me. But I must say that the results are always refreshingly easy to digest.

And that's right, Miss. We're just browsing at the moment.
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Re: action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim

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As long as you're good at it.

[She grins. Poor Hohenheim lol

Oh, they're just browsing. That makes her feel... a little better. She catches the 'dear' and smiles. They're a couple, by the sound of it. Pretty cute.]

It's Kushina. [A small, polite bow.]
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action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim

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Hello. [With one hand in his pocket, he raises one for a meek wave. He has only the hint of a smile - hows does I introduce myself.]
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Re: action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim

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[Not Kushina's either but she feels a little bad for shouting and causing a scene over cookies.


Hearing they ARE a couple though makes her smile a little vaguely. Hopefully she's not interrupting a date or something and she fidgets with a shopping bag. She needs her cookies but the awkward silence Kushina has left them at forces her to fill it with inane chatter.]

So, um, do you two come to the bakery a lot? I usually just bake things myself but it's good to support others and give them something to do. Plus, I've been in the house for what seems like forever. I needed to stretch my legs.

And lungs, I guess.

But I heard through some reliable sources their sweets are pretty good here. You should try some.
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action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim

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I can't say that I have a taste for most sweets... [He mumbles a bit sheepishly, but he glances around the same. He can usually enjoy Trisha's baking at least.]
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Re: action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim

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[She's two seconds away from mentioning a noodle shop with pretty good ramen (and other dishes but RAMEN) when Hohenheim interrupts with his almost unintelligible mumbles. But Kushina has a good ear since Naruto likes to mumble things a lot too when he's embarrassed or, more likely than not, in trouble over something.]

All sweets but your wife's, right?
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action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim SOMEHOW, I MISSED THIS.

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[There's just a small glow at his cheeks as he looks down.]

You may both be right...
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action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim ITS OK

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[pretty cute...

HER COOKIES FINALLY ARRIVE TOO and they're the right spelling and all sorry aang/punz' whoever is working

she'll thank them earnestly and apologize before turning back to the couple

there's a lot of cookies here, over a dozen

so she peels back the covering and offers the plate]

Have one.
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action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim

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[He pauses for a moment she takes the cookie - and then he points to himself in surprise as it hits him.]

Oh - for me, as well?
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action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim

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[Kushina lets an amused laugh slip.]


I got a baker's dozen so there's plenty and I feel bad for yelling. I'd offer the bakers one, but they probably have enough cookies and cakes to last them forever. I'll make them something else.

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action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim

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Oh... thank you. [He says as he meekly picks up a cookie, as if surprised that anyone would ever offer him anything.] There's certainly nothing wrong with speaking your mind every now and then.
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Re: action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim

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[NOPE, nothing wrong with speaking your mind. She definitely does that. Hence repenting for it now.]

No, I should apologize. I didn't need to be rude about it, I'm just impatient and I've got a bit of a temper.
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action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim

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How did he grow up so fast, Trisha? [He asks her, as if she contains the secret answer.]

Re: action; bakery > kushina > trisha > hohenheim

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[Understanding dawns on her face.]

In a flash.

[As Minato would say.]